Skip Bin Hire

So, you are almost done planning your renovation. Looks like one more thing is missing. Where to get a skip bin. Purchasing a skip bin for a one-time renovation costs too much. Good thing Hunter Valley Skip Bins is here! We offer skip bin hire for your commercial or domestic renovation. Our skip bins come in different sizes. You have a wide range to choose from. Yes, the bigger the better when looking for a skip bin to fit all those old building materials.

Hunter Valley Skip Bins’ guide to bin hire

At Hunter Valley Skip Bins, we are dedicated to make our customers happy and satisfied. We can only do this in every project if we keep a simple guide. Here is a sneak peek of our guide to direct you along the way.

  • Guide 1: Get permitted.

Placing skip bins require a permit from the city council. Do not worry! We will organise a 28-day permit for you for a very reasonable fee.

  • Guide 2: Deliver and pick-up

Does your renovation need the bin just for a day? No problem. We will deliver and pick-up your waste even on the same day. Less cost, no hassle. That is our promise.

  • Guide 3: Loading

Renting our biggest skip bins may only mean one thing – you have tons of waste. Let us know if you will require assistance to load your skip bin. Make an appointment with us, and we will do the rest. We have reasonable charges for labour and tipping fees.

  • Guide 4: Pricing

Our skip bin hire service is very inexpensive. Depending on the bin size you need, we charge only the most reasonable rates. Add to that, you can have the bin for up to seven days!

Ready to book a skip bin hire

Now that you have read our guide above, you can go to the next step: book your Hunter Valley skip bin hire. Drop us a call at 0240 361 543 today or fill up our Enquiry Form.