Hook lift bins

What are hook lift bins?

Hook lift bins got their name from the manner of how the waste bin is loaded on and off a truck. The truck makes use of a gigantic hydraulic hook. With this hook, the truck grabs the skip and rolls in on the back of the truck to remove the waste.

Hook lift bins come at a rectangular shape. Some large hook lift bins need a bobcat to drive them, hence, there are bins which have rear opening doors.

Hook lifts can be used for a variety of jobs. This type of bin is very suitable for commercial waste disposal although some people use them even for domestic purposes. Hook lifts from Hunter Valley Skip Bins range from 10 to 30 cubic metres.

Why choose Hunter Valley Skip Bins Hook Lifts

  • Industrial-grade

Our bins are made of the highest quality materials. They have also been tried and tested to ensure that every piece can withstand varying conditions. Our bins can be used in tough waste disposal jobs such as concrete and construction waste, household waste, tiles, and even furniture.

  • Large scale

Hook lifts from Hunter Valley Skip Bins are made to perform in large scale projects whether domestic, commercial, or construction. Building renovations, fit-outs, and warehouse clean-ups are just some projects undertaken by our hook lifts.

  • Unique industrial style

Our hook lift bins have edgy sides for optimal strength and versatility. The edges are designed to house in as many wastes as possible. Our bins have doors to enable wheelbarrow access. The doors of each hook lift bins are secured with mechanical door locks to ensure that no waste accidentally comes out. Aside from these, our hook lift bins are primed inside-out. Each is painted with two coats of industrial paint.

What more can you ask for from our hook lifts? From here on out, it is Hunter Valley Skip Bins.