General Waste

Guidelines in throwing out wastes

Hunter Valley Skip Bins is committed to protecting the environment. Hence, we make sure that our customers know how to segregate their wastes.

You cannot simply but all kinds of rubbish together. The first step to waste management is in your hands. Here are a few guidelines on how to segregate your wastes, and help us serve you better.

  • Household waste

A lot of general waste from your house to your yard can be thrown to our skip bins. Boxes, wood pieces, cabinets, clothes, computers, recyclable plastics, metals, furniture, sporting goods, documents, all these can fit in our skip bins. Mattresses can be dropped in the bins provided they are on top of the loaded bin and do not go beyond the rims.

  • Paints

You can also put paint cans in the skip bins. A bit of caution though. Damage to our skip bins would entail additional charges for you. Dry paints in cans can be thrown into the bin. You can also secure them with tape or empty the contents first just to ensure that no paint will slip to the skip bins. Putting liquid paints is strictly prohibited since tipping would cause our skip bins to be painted. This damage requires additional clean-up and other costs.

  • Weight restrictions

Hunter Valley Skip Bins uses only industrial-grade bins. However, to lengthen the life of our bins, we strictly impose weight restrictions. You can put in bricks, concrete, and tree stumps into our skip bins as long as they do not violate the restrictions.

  • Other wastes

Tyres, batteries, food waste, and asbestos cannot be thrown into the bin. These wastes require different handling and management.

A little bit of background

Hunter Valley Skip Bins has been in the business since 1999. Our exceptional team offers professional service and advice on waste management, and general waste removal. Give us a call at 0240 361 543 and let us take care of your skip bins requirement.