What are the sizes of your skip bins?

We have a wide range of skip bins you can choose from.

Our mini skip bins come in 2 cubic metres (Length 1.8m, Width 1.5m, Depth 0.9m), and 3 cubic metres (Length 1.8m, Width 1.5m, Depth 1.2m).

We also have walk in skip bins preferable for household clean-ups & renovations at 4 cubic metres (Length 3.6m, Width 1.5m, Depth 0.9m), and 6 cubic metres (Length 3.6m, Width 1.5m, Depth 1.2m).

Our industrial-grade skip bins, on the other hand, measure 10 cubic metres (Length 4.5m, Width 1.5m, Depth 1.6m), and 15 cubic metres (Length 6m, Width 2.4m, Depth 1m).

• How long can I keep the skip bins?

Short-term period hires with Hunter Valley Skip Bins can last up to seven (7) days. However, we offer a SAME DAY delivery and pick up if you only require your skip bin for a day.

If you need a long-term arrangement, we can tailor-fit one for you. Just call our excellent team for more information.

• What can I throw into my skip bin?

You can place any dry waste in the skip bin subject to certain restrictions.

Mattresses, tree stumps and other materials may require additional charge.

What should I not put in my skip bin?

Food, chemicals, contaminated wastes and containers, asbestos, and gas cylinders are a no-no.

Do you have bins for asbestos?

Hunter Valley Skip Bins is capable of handling asbestos. However, this is subject to strict guidelines and appointments.

When it comes to contaminated wastes, we can help you contact a company specialising in this area.

 Up to what level can I fill my skip bin?

Our mini skip bins, walk in skip bins, and industrial grade skip bins should not be filled over the rim. This is in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety standards which states that skip bins should remain covered when in transit.

What happens if my skip bin gets overloaded?

An overloaded skip bin which cannot be covered will be illegal to transport. If you encounter this problem, please call any of our staff members. We can offer you another skip bin at the same rate.

Is a council permit necessary?

Placing bins on public land or council property requires a council permit. We can organise this on your behalf provided you will shoulder the costs that come with it. Rest assured that we will only charge reasonable rates.

How will I pay for my skip bin hire?

Hunter Valley Skip Bins accept cash, credit card, cheque, or EFT. Payment can be made on or before delivery.